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    What are my privileges and benefits as an adjunct?
    BENEFITS for Adjuncts with a Current Contract:

    • A BYU ID card
      • This is only available to you personally, not family members
    • Contribute to TIAA 403b (with no university match)
    • Use of the Harold B. Lee Library and the Learning Resource Centers
    • A parking permit
    • UTA passes for adjunct, spouse, dependents
    • May be eligible to purchase tickets for athletic and cultural events at a discounted price. Contact 422-BYU1 for ticket information.
    • A 10% discount at the BYU Store
    • A 15% discount at the Museum of Art Store
    • A 20% discount at the Bean Museum Store
    • Richards Building
      • Use the staff gym or pool at $45.00 for each of Fall and Winter Semesters
      • $22.50 for each of Spring and Summer terms
    • Access to MS Office
      • Download through your BYU account. Other software, like Adobe, etc. is determined by your chair.
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    How do I get a BYU ID card?
    The BYU ID Center (2310 WSC) is the place to get your BYU ID card. This card is your identification and can be used to check out books at the library, access your debit Signature Card account for meal plans and much more! If going for your first time please be sure to bring a photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, and your Net ID.
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    How do I obtain a BYU library card?
    Your BYU ID card also functions as your library card.
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    How do I get keys or door codes for offices/labs?
    The Key Office is located at 285 BRWB or 801-422-5521. You will, however, need an approved key request form before you can obtain any key. Be aware that there is a $10 deposit for each key issued. Contact your department secretary for this form and/or necessary door codes.
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    How do I get a parking permit?
    To get a parking permit you can follow one of the options below:

    1. Online Registration (if you choose this option, you DO NOT have to come to the Parking Office). Get your vehicle registration slip and have it with you when you register, then Log in to Route Y. Under the "Miscellaneous" tab, click on the Parking Registration link. Enter the requested information. Be sure that you enter your license plate number correctly. DON'T try to put it down from memory. Check it before you send it in.

    Click here to go online and register a vehicle with BYU Parking.


    2. Come to the Parking Services Office (2120 JKB) - Do not come in if you have registered on-line. You must have a valid vehicle registration for each vehicle you wish to register, a BYU ID or Drivers License, and then complete a blue bubble sheet (available at the Parking Services Office).
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    Do I need to register my bicycle on campus?
    Any bike that is ridden or parked on campus should be registered with a BYU and Provo City bike license.

    Complete the form below and deliver it to the BYU Police Department (2120 JKB).

    To register you bike with Provo, visit

    For more information, visit
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    Can I attend Faculty Center events?
    The Faculty Center hosts a variety of events during the year; some events are by invitation only. Events specifically helpful to adjuncts are showcased on this website under the "Events" tab. If you have questions regarding any specific event, please contact the Faculty Center at 422-7419.
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    Can adjunct faculty use the gym facilities, racket ball courts, pool etc?
    Adjunct faculty can access all facilities at the Richards Building for $45/semester or $22.50/term. For specific information contact the RB Information desk at 422-3980.
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    Can adjunct faculty buy DMBA insurance through BYU?
    No, adjunct faculty are not offered any form of insurance through BYU.
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    Where can I find more information to rent out technology equipment (lap tops, tablets)?
    Contact the office of OIT at 422-4000 regarding your technological needs as soon as you are aware of when, where, and the time you will need the technology or equipment.
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    How do I schedule a test in the Testing Center?
    You will need to contact the BYU Testing Center to administer your tests there. Policies and procedures can be found at:
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    How do I schedule a room for review sessions?
    Contact the Campus Scheduling office for your reservation needs or call 422-3134. Some departments handle room scheduling through the department secretary; check with your department to see if this is the case.